General terms and conditions for vila “Miško namas”

These are the current terms and conditions for the villa “Misko Namas”,
Pamario Str. 11, Nida, Neringa.

1. Services Provided at the villa

“Services provided at the villa” means accommodation of guests in self-catering accommodation, Bed and Breakfast and related tourist services available at the Villa.

2. Booking and Confirmation

2.1. Bookings for self-catering or Bed and Breakfast accommodation may be submitted by e-mail,  phone, letter or in person at the villa.

2.2. When making a written booking a guest must indicate the number of arriving guests, give their names, type of accommodation, dates of arrival and departure and the means of payment.

2.3. The villa confirms bookings for accommodation by regular mail and e-mail or in person as appropriate.

2.4. Verbal agreement between the parties comes into force only when confirmed in writing by the Villa or in person at the villa.

2.5. The Guest must acknowledge in writing that confirmation has been received from the villa in order for the booking to be complete.

2.6. Both parties agree to the details in the final Contract and the Guest will be liable as detailed in the cancellation terms below.

3. Prices and Payment

3.1. The prices for services provided at the villa, means of payment and terms and conditions shall be set in individual Contracts for Provision of Villa Services, and are available on the web site of the villa www.miskonamas.comand other publicity sources.

3.2. Payments to the villa for may be made in cash or advance payment by a bank transfer.

3.3. Unless otherwise agreed, payment shall be made by the guest in cash upon arrival or by bank transfer.

3.4. Payments shall be made in Euros.

3.5. Accommodation can be reserved by an advance payment. The amount payable and terms of payment shall be set in individual agreements and in the Contract. Unless otherwise agreed, advance payment of 30% of the total payable amount shall be made for accommodation of over 3 days. For accommodation of up to 3 days an advance payment of one day of the total cost shall be made. Unless otherwise agreed, the guest shall make an advance payment within 3 days from the day of Contract. In case the period between order placement and arrival date is shorter than 30 days, advance payment shall be made immediately. Advance payment shall be made by a bank transfer.

Details for bank transfers:

Beneficiary: Jovita Drungiliene
Beneficiary’s account No. (IBAN): LT987300010008229518
Bank: Swedbank AB
(Bank address: Savanoriu prosp. 19, Vilnius, Lithuania)


When making a payment the payer’s name and surname (name of the person, who booked the accomodation) should be indicated.

3.6. If more guests than indicated in the villa reservation confirmation stay in the villa room, for each extra guest the villa shall be paid additional fee.

4. Cancellation of Booking

4.1. If a booking is cancelled 30 days before the date of arrival, the amount of
20 Euros will be charged (exclusive a bank charge) as a handling fee. If an advance payment was made, it shall be returned in an agreed way (Bank charge and handling fee is drawn off from the sum). If a booking is cancelled in less than 30 days prior to the date of arrival or should the guest not arrive, a cancellation fee equal to the advance payment described in clause 3.5 of the present Conditions shall be charged.

4.2. In case of failure to make the advance payment within 3 working days and if no explanation for the delay is received the reservation will be cancelled.

4.3. If the guest leaves earlier than indicated in the Contract, booking amount will not be refunded.

4.4. Cancellations of bookings must be made in writing.


5. Dates of Arrival and Departure

5.1. Villa guests may arrive on the scheduled day between 2pm (14.00) and 6pm(18.00).  If guests plan to arrive later, please inform the Villa. If guests do not arrive until 7pm(19.00) and do not inform of the possible delay, the villa has the right to accommodate other guests in their booked rooms.

5.2. When making a booking, days of arrival and departure shall be counted as one.

5.3. On the day of departure the Villa guests must check out from apartments by 10am, from double rooms – by 11 noon. Upon individual agreement belongings of the guest may be kept at the villa until departure from Nida (e.g. in case of late ferry trip).

5.4. If without any agreement or warning the guest does not leave the room (apartment) until 6 PM, he/she must pay 50% off the contractual accommodation day price; if the guest leaves the room (apartment) after 6pm – 100% of the contractual accommodation day price will be charged. The fee may be lower if the villa does not suffer major losses for accommodation services.

5.5. Above terms apply unless there is an additional agreement in the Contract with the villa.

6. Other Terms and Conditions

6.1. The villa shall be responsible for the safety of belongings of the guest that are entrusted to the villa employees for safekeeping.

6.2. The villa shall not be held responsible if belongings were lost through the fault of their owner, persons accompanying him or invited by him to the villa or due to force majeure or properties of the belongings.

6.3. If a villa guest learns of the disappearance of, or damage to, his/her belongings, he/she must immediately inform the Villa employees. Otherwise, the Villa shall not be held responsible.

6.4. The Villa undertakes to keep belongings of guests found (left) at the villa for 3 months after departure of the guest. Upon written request of the guest the belongings kept at the villa may be sent to him/her by mail or otherwise delivered, if the guest agrees to cover sending costs or costs of other method of delivery.

6.5. The villa guests must properly use equipment and articles of the Villa and immediately inform Villa employees of any faults. The villa guests must cover the cost where guests are at fault.

6.6. Smoking in the villa rooms is prohibited. Smoking is allowed in open terraces and balconies. For fire safety, the use of candles and other kinds of open flame inside the accommodation is prohibited.

6.7. Guests must not make noise in the villa or on the premises of the Villa between 22 pm and 9 am. If guests disturb the peace or other residents of the villa, the local authorities will be informed.

6.8. Out of consideration for the other guests, bringing of pet is forbidden.

6.9. If either of the parties cannot fulfil conditions of the contract due to force majeure, they must immediately inform the other party and give the reasons in writing. In such case, both parties of the shall be released from responsibility for failure to fulfil the contract.

6.10. Any disputes arising between the villa and guests shall be settled by negotiations. Should the parties fail to settle any dispute by negotiation, it shall be settled according to the procedure provided by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in court in the location of the villa.


Any information given on the website is intended for information reasons only. villa “Misko namas” is not bound by it.  The Villa is also not bound by any contractual or legal obligations that may arise due to shortcomings or innacuracies in the information given on the web site. Villa “Misko namas” does not undertake to correct indicated information shortcomings or to add missing information, except for the cases when that is imperatively provided by the laws and other legal acts valid in the Republic of Lithuania. The owner of the web site reserves the right to advertise, change or delete the information in the web site at any time.

The web site of villa “Misko namas” has links to web sites of other persons, companies or organizations. Villa “Misko namas” is not responsible for the content of such web sites or privacy policy methods used by them.

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By drawing present terms and conditions for provision of villa services we aim to give answer Guests’ questions, as well as to avoid misunderstandings when providing accommodation and services. We believe openness makes for the best relationships with our Guests and we wish you a very pleasant stay at the villa “Misko Namas”.